100 days since the American elections .. Who will save Trump?

The American elections are only a hundred days away, amid President Donald Trump’s suffering from heavy files, which weakened his chances after the polls, until the beginning of this year, are likely to win a second period.

In a Tweet on Twitter, the Republican billionaire expressed his confidence in the “silent majority”, saying: “Trump’s campaign raises, in the opinion of many observers, more enthusiasm than any other campaign in our country’s great history, even more than in 2016”, in an attempt to restore The momentum that led to his surprise victory four years ago.

He added: “(Joe) Biden has nothing! The silent majority will speak on November 3,” promising to show the falsity of the polls, all of which confirm his success in front of the Democratic candidate nationwide by an average of eight points, and in several critical states.

Surveys published on Sunday by NBC and CNN concluded that Biden tops three states that Trump won in 2016, and won: Arizona, Florida and Michigan.
In his latest maneuvers, Trump replaced his outdated speech, downplaying the threat of an emerging coronavirus, as he acknowledged that the situation “will get worse before it gets better.”

The pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis have caused a severe blow to Trump’s election campaign, while the suffering of southern states in particular seems to have prompted him to recalculate his calculations, as many of them traditionally support the Republican Party.

In this context, Trump finally wore a muzzle, and canceled the Grand National Congress of the Republican Party, which is open to the public, which was scheduled to be held in Jacksonville, Florida next month to officially appoint the party’s candidate for the presidential elections.
But Biden had preceded him by announcing since June that his big rally, between 17 and 20 August in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, would be held online.

But the method of managing the crisis raises fears even among the ruling party. In this regard, Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan abstained, on Sunday, from supporting Trump.

On the democratic wing, Biden wanders with great caution, fearing Corona, in anticipation of the disclosure in early August of the name of the woman who will run for the position of Vice President, amid expectations that she will be black, in order to be able to move the people of African descent, who have traditionally declined their electoral participation, and constitute A large block of “silent majority”.

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