First Lady Michelle Obama announced on Twitter

Former United States First Lady Michelle Obama announced on Twitter that she will host her husband, former President Barack Obama, in the first episodes of her podcast called “The Michel Obama Podcast” in the first season of this blog that is broadcast on Spotify. Barack and Michel Obama will address the subject of the Corona pandemic and the protest movement in the United States after the murder of George Floyd, according to the website “Freighty”, a magazine that listened to part of this episode.

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As a guest on the first episode of the new podcast for his wife, Michel, what the former American First Lady announced in a tweet before the launch of the program on July 29.
In his first season, “The Michel Obama Podcast” will include a series of meetings between the former first American and her relatives and relatives, with one guest in each episode. The program is broadcast via “Spotify”.

Haier Ground has partnered with Spotify and Netflix. “In the first episode, I will interview a person who is more likely to get to know his voice immediately,” Michelle Obama said in her promotional blog.
The hugely popular Michelle Obama has been a hit with her memoir “Bikuming” released in November 2018 and sold over 11.5 million copies worldwide.
The book was accompanied by a series of seminars that gathered tens of thousands of people in several countries, as well as a documentary broadcast by “Netflix” in May.
The couple will address the Covid-19 pandemic and the protest movement against the killing of George Floyd, according to the website of the magazine “Freity”, which listened to part of the episode

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