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Revitalize your dry skin with these steps
Dryness and scaling of the skin is one of the most important problems that many women suffer, which leads them to search for solutions that restore vitality and freshness to their skin.

In what follows, we will inform you about your reasons behind this problem and the methods that you can take to solve it and revitalize your skin.
What are the causes of dry skin?
Peeling when the amount of water and liquid in its layers decreases, meaning that it loses its moisture, which makes it feel rough from the outside.

This dryness may cause itching or crusts and cracks on it.
There are various reasons for losing moisture from the skin, starting from not drinking water and fluids in sufficient quantities to maintain body and skin moisture, in addition to excessive intake in drinking large quantities of caffeine drinks such as coffee and tea, which are among the diuretic diets that contribute to losing the bodyMoisture.The skin may also become dehydrated due to prolonged exposure to the sun without the use of sunscreen, and it may also dry out due to changes in weather and temperature.
How do you take care of your dry skin?
Its peeling is to make sure to drink large quantities of water not less than two liters per day and to keep fresh vegetables and fruits in its diet, because these types of food provide moisture to the skin as they contain high levels of vitamins and antioxidants that help in renewing and protecting the skin cells FromDamage.

Moisturizing starts from inside, for a woman who suffers from
Choosing lotions suitable for the type of skin is also an essential issue in the dry skin care routine, therefore women with dry skin should choose the types of lotions, moisturizing creams, and nutrition appropriate to their skin and apply them to them regularly and daily.

On the other hand, a soft exfoliation would remove the damaged outer layer of the skin and give way to the formation of new cells, as it helps the skin absorb the nutrients it gets from moisturizing creams, care and masks that help in
And restore vitality and flexibility to it.

It is also necessary to protect the skin from sunlight and avoid going out without applying a protective cream, taking into account the choice of the appropriate type for dry skin .

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