Questions and Answers of diet

Questions and Answers

Q. Can Fast-5 really give me the willpower to pass up snacks and sweets? A. Yes. Q. Is it guaranteed?

A. No. People are different, and nothing works for everyone.

Q. How does it work?

A. See the “Physiology” section for all the details. Having one meal a day allows the fat-burning machinery in your body to get to work and stay at work. The steady energy supply keeps you from feeling uncomfortably hungry.

Q. Won’t I eat just as much at break~fast as I would have eaten during a non-fasting day?

A. Possibly, and perhaps even more, during the Adjustment and early Active Loss steps. A typical person in the Fast-5 Maintenance phase eats an evening meal that is slightly larger than a pre-diet dinner and has only a modest appetite for evening snacks. The sensation of a full belly develops quickly and creates a stronger urge to stop eating than it does on a customary three-meal-a-day diet.

Q. What can I eat on the Fast-5 diet?

A. Whatever you want, but only during the eating window from 5 to 10 pm. Dietary balance is strongly recommended to maximize the yield for your effort.

Q. What should I eat on the Fast-5 diet?

A. You’re only eating one meal a day, so it’s worth making it a good one. Strive for balance. Fiber is still essential for good health, and fiber supplements are a good idea if you’re not getting much fiber in your diet. Making your break~fast healthy means you reach your goal sooner. You will likely find food more savory when it’s a once-a-day event. Eating fish and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids may increase the health benefit of your fasting by reducing your cancer risk. Dare to try tofu and other soy products if they are not already a part of your diet. You can follow the food choice recommendations of the American Heart Association and still be on the Fast-5 plan.

Q. I get irritable or cranky when I’m hungry. What can I do?

A. Irritability may be a part of the Adjustment step. It passes. Hang in there and ask your family/coworkers to hang in there with you, because the result is worth it for you and for them.

Q. Can this little book make such a big difference?

A. The book is as long as it needs to be to tell you how to make a big difference. No filler, stabilizer, preservatives, “results not typical” case reports or unnecessary recipes have been added to fluff the book up to the size the marketing gurus say sells best.

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