Taylor Swift surprised millions of her fans around the world

Taylor Swift surprised millions of her fans around the world by releasing the Folklore album, which is the eighth in her impressive career ..

That album includes 16 songs ..Folklore’s album was admired by fans, audiences and critics alike to the extent that Folklore has been described as “Almost Perfect” or “almost perfect”.
Taylor Swift also surprised her fans around the world with a video clip, “Cardigan”, which achieved on the first day of its presentation to YouTube 18 million views. The surprise was that Taylor, who co-authored the song, was the one who directed the clip to show us a new talent.
One of the album’s cool gestures is that Taylor Swift has written a complete song for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ third daughter, “Petty”, as Swift has had a strong friendship with Blake Lively since 2015.
Taylor had announced the album’s surprise to the public through her account on Instagram where she published a photo of the album in black and white where Taylor sits in a place that looks like a jungle and commented on the photo saying “Most of the things that I planned for this summer did not happen, one thing I did not plan but I did.” It is my eighth album, Folklore, in which I told about all my fears and dreams .. Midnight, the album will be in your hands.

From that moment she congratulated her fans around the world as someone wrote, “The day Taylor launched her album Folklore may be the sweetest day of the year, it may even be sweeter than Christmas. Our hearts. “
Another fan wrote, “Folklor is a masterpiece … Taylor, you are a living and beautiful legend. You are one of the best musicians of all time.”
As for the Cardigan clip, another user said, “Cardigan is not just a song or a video. It is the feelings that flow into you, even the bright and meaningful video.”
The album features 16 songs including “Mirriorball, Seven, August, This is my trying mad woman, petty, peace, hoax, invisible string.

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