Expectations of the 2020 Emmy Awards .. new attendees and adults miss the 72nd event

Critics are betting that the old faces of this year’s Emmy Awards will be removed in the event of a concert (networking sites)

Unusually for years and decades, TV drama creators may silently celebrate this year’s “Emmy Award” silently, without the usual delight, with the pandemic circumstances of the emerging Corona Virus (COFED-19) that changed and altered the plans of drama and TV fans In the world, prizes may be awarded to their owners without physical attendance next September, and the possibilities of holding the ceremony by default are still present.
Although weird, because time does not make any sense, the nominations will be announced today, Tuesday, July 28, but this year’s ceremony will only take place on September 20, and may also be held on digital platforms due to the conditions of the epidemic.
But the good this year, according to what American newspapers reported, that most of the members of the Academy of Television Sciences have stayed in their homes since last March, which gave them more time to watch more dramas, which could mean a greater opportunity for unexpected names to appear in List of nominations.

American critics believe that there may not be many usual faces of drama each year, but they are betting that there are some new faces that may appear in the award presentation, but it depends on whether or not the concert is held.
This is the first Emmy concerts in the world after the “Game of Thrones”, the legendary series that has been shown in 8 seasons, and the series “Veep”, but according to critics, there will be no shortage of qualified shows in this strange year.

In fact, there are far too many performances due this year such as This Is Us in its fourth season.
Critics have not attempted to make a prediction for all the candidates in each category, but they have spoken of some of the nominations they considered safe bets, along with offers and actors who the public hopes to hear their names when the official list of nominations is announced.
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has announced the appointment of American comedian “Leslie Jones” to host Emmy Awards nominations for 2020, and she is scheduled to do so from within her home.
The dates for the Emmy Awards are still unchanged, with the Emmy Creative Arts concert taking place on September 12 and 13, with the Emmy Prime Time party taking place on September 20, and no modifications will be approved unless national safety directives are required in case of exacerbation The virus.

Below we review the most prominent candidates and the strongest competitors expected to win the award.
Best drama series

The series of soap operas closest to being nominated for this year’s Best Dramatic Work Award includes works such as:
The Morning Show
Better Call Saul
The Crown
Among these works is the “Morning Show” series, one of the early works of the original Apple Network, which competes in its first season with a set of well-established works that have crossed its fourth or fifth season. The series, starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, is set on one of the television networks where workers are subjected to incidents of harassment from their subordinates.

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