New appointment for Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Tenet”

Because Christopher Nolan is not just an ordinary director, any new work for him is in focus, and therefore the idea of ​​installing a new date to show his upcoming movie Tenet is the focus of everyone’s anticipation, as the film is scheduled to be shown in the movie theaters in the United States on September 3, but only select cities are the ones She will be showing the expected movie.

Warner Bros. recently announced that the film would be released internationally in more than 70 countries on August 26, followed by the release of Labor Day weekend in the United States of America.
The movie was supposed to reach cinemas on July 17, but the Corona Virus pandemic caused delay in its release into theaters, as it was decided to release it next September only in cities that allow reopening cinemas in the United States of America.
This means that New York City and Los Angeles, the country’s two largest movie cities, may not be showing the movie this weekend, according to THR.

The expected movie, starring Robert Pattinson and David Washington, tells about international spying networks, but within a specific time frame and through a difficult and complicated plot, until the same movie hero Robert Pattinson says he did not understand them.

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