To continue his activity, Trump stresses that Tik Tok must be sold before mid-September

US President Donald Trump stressed on Monday that the widespread application of the Chinese “Tik Tok” must be sold before mid-September to be able to continue its activity in the United States.
“It will be closed on September 15 unless Microsoft or another company buys it and reaches an agreement,” Trump told reporters.

US President Donald Trump agreed to give China Byte Dance, 45 days, to negotiate the sale of an app
The move represented a shift in Trump’s position, and prompted Microsoft to announce its interest in completing the acquisition of the social media application, in a move that could fuel tension in US-China relationsHowever, the acquisition of Tik Tok will provide a rare opportunity for Microsoft to become a major competitor to social media giants such as Facebook and Snapchat.

On Friday, Trump said that he intends to ban the Tik Tok application, amid fears that its Chinese ownership may pose a threat to national security due to personal data that the app is processing

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