Atlanta, USA (CNN) – A source close to the White House, in contact with some of the saboteurs who stormed the Congress building, confirmed, on Wednesday, that their goal is to stay in the building overnight.

This step will lead to the amendment of the constitutional process (ratification of electoral college votes), which was disrupted by violence in the Congress building.

The source said that the aim of some saboteurs “to occupy the Capitol during the night hours,” he said.

According to a previously published report, a White House adviser said that some Trump aides were beginning to feel angry that the president had not done more to stem the congressional insurgency.

The source pointed out that the aides were begging Trump to deliver a speech that would calm the atmosphere, and the source said: “He does not want” to do more than he is doing now, and continued, saying: “If we have to push him towards the angry crowds, now is the right time,” according to Saying.