Former US President Barack Obama said that the storming of the headquarters of Congress on Wednesday by Donald Trump’s supporters is “not surprising,” while his predecessor, George W. Bush (Jr.) considered what happened in the Capitol was worthy of “banana republics.”

As for Bill Clinton, he stressed that the attack was fueled by “four years of poisonous policies” and deliberate disinformation.

Former US President Barack Obama, Democrat Barack Obama, called the violence that took place on the Capitol building on Wednesday when supporters of Donald Trump stormed it “shameful” but not “surprising.”

Obama said in a statement that “history will remember the acts of violence that took place today on the Capitol, instigated by a president who lied relentlessly about the election result, as a moment of shame and disgrace for our country.”

He added, “We will deceive ourselves if we say that what happened was a complete surprise,” blaming the leaders of the Republican Party and the media loyal to them because “they were often unwilling to tell their followers the fact that” Biden won a big victory in the elections that took place on the third of February. November, which Trump still refuses to acknowledge defeat in.

George Bush: What happened in the Capitol is a “revolt” befitting the “banana republics

Former Republican President George W. Bush launched a violent attack on Republican leaders who fueled the “rebellion” that took place in the Capitol building on Wednesday, which befits “banana republics and not our democratic republic.”

“I have been appalled by the irresponsible behavior of some political leaders since the elections and the lack of respect that has emerged today towards our institutions, our traditions and our security forces,” Bush said in a statement.